The Coolest Places You Can Visit On Google Street View 




You could shell out the cash for a plane ticket and a hotel near any of these places, but it would be far cheaper to take a virtual tour with Google.

Thanks to Street View and Business View, some pretty interesting places are just a click away.

Here are some of the coolest trips you can tour from the comfort of your desk chair.



Pagani Automobili

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Want to take a look at some of the nicest Italian sports cars made in the last few decades? Google lets you take a stroll around Pagani and even hop behind the wheel of some of the cars in the building.



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We probably wouldn’t plan a trip around checking out the Large Hadron Collider or some of the other things going on at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (probably wouldn’t let us go pushing buttons anyway), but we’d gladly do it from our computer chair. Google will let you don a hard hat and lab coat to take a look around CERN.

Lamborghini Museum

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If the Pagani tour left you wanting more cars, make your next stop the Lamborghini Museum in Italy. Full of classic Lamborghini models you can virtually get up close and personal with.


Ducati Museum

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Four-wheeled vehicles not your cup of tea? Google also allows you to take a quick tour of the Ducati Museum and peruse some of their bikes.


The White House

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No need to win any elections to tour 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you can browse the halls of The White House from home.

 Emirates A380

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It’s not a place you’d go on a trip, but it is one of the sweetest ways you could take said one. The plane has a bar, shower spas, and makes your standard first class seat feel like crap.

Source: The Coolest Places You Can Visit On Google Street View | Cool Material

Bugatti Designed Bicycle – The Ultimate Bike for the Lads

Bugatti-Bicycle-the-lads-roomDeveloped by German-based PG, designed by Bugatti and handcrafted by Kussmaul, the PG Bugatti Bike might be the fastest urban cycle ever created. It weighs less than 11 pounds. All of the frame cross sections are aerodynamically optimized for high speeds and oversized for maximum rigidity. The entire bike is made of more than 95% carbon fiber. It can be individually tailored to suit your tastes with a wide range of colors and leathers, along with the option to have your bicycle perfectly matched to your Bugatti supercar. Most importantly, this bike actually looks and feels like it’s befitting of the Bugatti name. One bit of caution, though. According to PG, the “lightest special urban bike in the world” is a piece of high-performance sports equipment and is not intended for use on public roads. We’re thinking if you have enough coin to afford a Bugatti-designed bicycle that’s handcrafted in Germany you’re probably not going to listen.


Pasta Bake – Cheap & Simple Recipes for the lads

recipes-for-the-ladsAn ideal cheap and simple Pasta Bake meal that costs less than a fiver and will be ‘ready to eat’ in around 45 minutes.  Just pop down your local supermarket grab a jar of sauce, a pack of pasta and some cheese and you’re on your way.

Total Cost:  £3.55(£4.55 with sausage) – Asda – 19/03/17



500g jar of Homepride Creamy Tomato & Bacon Pasta Bake 

Other flavours available:

200g of pasta shapes e.g Fussilli

100g of Grated Cheese

How to make

  • Preheat oven to 200°c / Gas mark 6/ Fan oven 180°c
  • Pour Pasta Bake sauce into shallow ovenproof dish.  Fill the empty jar up to the top of the label with cold water and pour into dish with pasta sauce and stir. making sure pasta, coating well.
  • Cook uncovered for 25 minutes.  Remove the dish from the oven and stir well.  Sprinkle on your cheese and return to the oven for another 20 minutes until bubbling and golden.

For an extra tasty treat, add a sliced mattessons ‘ready to eat’ smoked sausage on top of the cheese.

Make sure it’s piping hot and fully cooked.  Leave to stand for about 5 mins to cool down and then serve.

Compact living on the move – Lads Pads

The Escapade is a modern tiny house built by Baluchon in Nantes, France.  The 185-square-foot house has a distinctive split roofline with four large windows to allow a generous amount of natural light. Along the front of the house is a set of three tiered windows.Inside the 18′ Escapade is an L-shaped storage staircase that leads up to the bedroom loft, a living area looking out the tiered windows, and a kitchen with two burner stove and mini refrigerator. Beautiful woodwork can be found throughout the house including the dining table, stair treads, and beams in the kitchen.

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Gotti – The Rise and Fall of a Real Life Mafia Don

Gotti-dvd-films-for-the-ladsGotti: The Rise and Fall of a Real Life Mafia Don is a 1996 HBO original crime drama film made for television directed by Robert Harmon. The film stars Armand Assante in the title role as infamous Gambino crime family boss John Gotti, William Forsythe, and Anthony Quinn. Assante won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Special for his performance. Assante also received a Golden Globe nomination the same year.

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Lennox Lewis vs Razor Ruddock

Lennox Lewis vs Razor Ruddock was billed as ‘the fight for the right’.   The winner would go on to have a shot at the world title.  Lewis was classed as the underdog, who had a chance if he could manage to avoid the big punches from Ruddock.  He was expected to try to outbox Ruddock and probably aim to win on a points decision.

How wrong they were!  Lewis absolutely destroys him in the second round!  It has to be probably the best fight of Lewis’ career.

For more Lewis fights visit our Youtube channel

Snatch Quiz – Quizzes for the Lads


So you think you know your lad’s films?  Find out just how knowledgeable you really are by taking one of our ‘quizzes for the lad’s’.  Quizzes on ‘classic’ lads films and more.

What was the name of the Writer and Director of Snatch?
Name the actor who played Turkish?
Who did Brad Pitt play in the film? 
What did Turkish want a Caravan for?   
What line of work is Turkish in?
Which character was played by Mike Reid?
Who played the character ‘Bullet Tooth Tony?
What song is playing on the radio when Bullet Tooth Tony questions Mullet about the robbery of the Bookies?
What does Tommy have in his pocket when Turkish quizzes him about it?
What round does Brick Top tell Mickey he must go down in?
What does Cousin Avi come over to England for?
What Favour does Franky 'Four Fingers' ask Boris to do for him?
How does Mickey's mother die?
What was the name of Avi's bodyguard?
Who plays the character Bricktop?
What does Bullet Tooth Tony accuse Avi of doing?
What year was Snatch released?
What was the carat weight of the stolen diamond?
Who was the Producer of Snatch?
What causes Bullet Tooth Tony to crash his car?

Snatch - Two Disc Set [DVD] [2000]

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