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t-shirt Clothes for the Lads where we find all the top men’s clothing from all the top brand websites and top menswear retailers.  We then arrange them for you into simple, easy to find categories.  No need to go shopping when we have it all here for you all in the one place. Up to 50% off top brands!

Lad Humour

smiley face jokes icon - The Lads Room

Funny stuff for the lads. Videos, pranks, pics, jokes and anything else we think you may find funny!


Cool Pics

Cool Pics icon - The Lads Room

A selection of the coolest pics online.  Animals, places, people, buildings and more.



 Quizzes for the Lads


Quizzes that are more likely to be popular with your average type lad.  Not many lads will know how many planets there are in our Solar System but they probably know who played ‘Rocky’ or ‘The Godfather’


Sports for the Lads

Extreme Sports iconA selection of some of the most extreme sports filmed all over the world. These sports are not for the faint hearted!  Watch footage from some of the worlds craziest most extreme sports.



tattoos for men iconA brief history of tattoos, getting a tattoo, after care advice, equipment, rate my tattoo, men’s tattoo pics and more.



In the Doghouse

In the Dog House

Have you upset the missus and need to get back into her good books?  Maybe you just need a helping hand in choosing what to get her for her Birthday, Christmas or Valentines Day? Whatever your reason, we are here to help.

Men’s Grooming


Information and advice on styling of facial hair, hair styles, grooming products, aftershave and more.


Fights for the Lads


All the best fight scenes from movies and TV, boxing knock outs, UFC and real life fights that have been caught on camera.


Football Firms


A list of all the (available) football hooligan firms related to each football club, from each country.  Footage from CCTV, mobile recordings and documentary makers.  All the available football hooligan films, including reviews and ratings.  All associated clothing brands available to buy, some with massive discounts.  News articles & more



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