Bradford City’s Firm – The Ointment

Bradford City-The Ointment badgeBradford City’s firm, The Ointment needs no introduction to anyone who takes an interest in football violence. For decades the hooligan gang has brought serious trouble to its rivals.

From Stockport County to Tottenham Hotspur, and the dozens in-between, those who have come across the Ointment never forget. Bradford had easily the best northern firm in the lower leagues throughout the 70 s and early 80 s and could have made any top ten list in the country. With potential of pulling numbers of 300, it was often cup games against top division opponents where the Ointment found its true level.

The Ointment emerged from a razor blade wielding gang known as the Town Boys in the 1970 s to become one of the country s most notorious hooligan firms. Any firm who has come across the Ointment over the last 40 years will know them well.

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