The Vipp Prefab Industrial Shelter

Described as everything from a “battery charging station for humans” to a “liveable industrial object,” the Vipp Shelter is a pre-fabricated getaway you can put just about anywhere. Designed and built by the same company responsible for one of the most famous garbage cans of all time, the Vipp Shelter uses a simple steel grid and stilt-like supports to elevate the container-style house above whatever piece of land you want it situated on. Downstairs, you’ll find floor to ceiling sliding windows designed to open up your kitchen, dining and living areas to the great outdoors that surround your fancy new abode. Take a quick trip up the ladder by the daybed area to spend a night in the large bed in the loft sleeping under the stars with the perfect view you’ll have through the glass above. The entire Vipp Shelter has an industrial, almost Russian submarine vibe. It’s a perfect couples getaway if you can stomach the cost.  A snip at only $585,000

Compact living on the move – Lads Pads

The Escapade is a modern tiny house built by Baluchon in Nantes, France.  The 185-square-foot house has a distinctive split roofline with four large windows to allow a generous amount of natural light. Along the front of the house is a set of three tiered windows.Inside the 18′ Escapade is an L-shaped storage staircase that leads up to the bedroom loft, a living area looking out the tiered windows, and a kitchen with two burner stove and mini refrigerator. Beautiful woodwork can be found throughout the house including the dining table, stair treads, and beams in the kitchen.

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The Most Expensive Home Ever Listed in America Has a Swim-Up Bar, Helicopter and a Car Collection

We don’t have $250 million. You don’t have $250 million. But maybe if we all come together and pool our money we might be able to afford the most expensive home ever listed in America because—shockingly—it may actually be worth it. Consider some of the things included with the 12-bedroom Bel Air mansion. A car collection that includes classics from the ’30s and modern-day supercars. A massage room. A helicopter and matching landing pad. A massage room. A bowling alley. A screening room with 40 Italian leather recliners. Some seriously awesome art. A freaking candy room. A swim up bar. And, honestly, that’s only scratching the surface. The home, which is currently owned by Bruce Makowsky, even comes with a staff that’s been paid for two years of work. Check your damn sofa cushions and get back to us.

Source: The Most Expensive Home Listing | Cool Material

The Playboy Mansion Is Up Sale And It’s History Is Worth More Than The Property 

The place where only the super-rich and the super-horny meet to have exclusive parties that almost always end in outrageous sex stories is up for sale.

Thats right, Hugh Hefners home, the Playboy Mansion itself, is on the market for a cool $200 million.

The 6-acre estate in Holmby Hills, built all the way back in 1927, will be listed at some point in the next month or so.


Source: The Playboy Mansion Is Up Sale And It’s History Is Worth More Than The Property | The LAD Bible

Trouble getting a mortgage?

If you’re having trouble getting a mortgage but don’t want to be living with your parents forever then this could be for you.  Why not get yourself one of these cosy little numbers while you save for your deposit.  At only £6500 you could be a homeowner in no time.

You could ask a friend, a local farmer or anybody with a bit of spare land.  Maybe even your parents to use their garden.  Much better if you want to entertain a lady friend than actually living in their house.

lads-pads-trouble-getting-a-mortgageLike most British men, the sight of a screwdriver and something to assemble from a flatpack sends me into a competitive tailspin, writes Tom Rawstorne.

Source: Could YOU build a flatpack house? Home in a box costs just £6,500. But is it really as easy to build as an IKEA bookcase? We gave one brave dad a week to try | Daily Mail Online