Nostalgia – Back 20 years ago when I was a lad….

Great days!

I think we all get a little nostalgia, no matter how old we are. There you are sitting in the pub with the lads or maybe you’re telling tales to the missus and the kids. Telling them that you weren’t always so serious and boring. I think it’s true when they say,’you don’t realise what you’ve got until it’s gone’.

Now I know that you shouldn’t live in the past, and life gets better in many ways anyway. Marriage,nice house,nice car,kids family holiday’s and all that bollocks. No matter how happy your life is though, it is difficult not to (and who would want to anyway) get all nostalgic and talk about the ‘good old days’, back when you were a lad.

We have a selection of all the great stuff from the day. Music,clothes,TV,films, haircuts and a shit load of other stuff.

Ultimate nostalgia!

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to comment. It’s your site as much as it is ours.


The Lads Room team