Snatch Quiz – Quizzes for the Lads


So you think you know your lad’s films?  Find out just how knowledgeable you really are by taking one of our ‘quizzes for the lad’s’.  Quizzes on ‘classic’ lads films and more.

What was the name of the Writer and Director of Snatch?
Name the actor who played Turkish?
Who did Brad Pitt play in the film? 
What did Turkish want a Caravan for?   
What line of work is Turkish in?
Which character was played by Mike Reid?
Who played the character ‘Bullet Tooth Tony?
What song is playing on the radio when Bullet Tooth Tony questions Mullet about the robbery of the Bookies?
What does Tommy have in his pocket when Turkish quizzes him about it?
What round does Brick Top tell Mickey he must go down in?
What does Cousin Avi come over to England for?
What Favour does Franky 'Four Fingers' ask Boris to do for him?
How does Mickey's mother die?
What was the name of Avi's bodyguard?
Who plays the character Bricktop?
What does Bullet Tooth Tony accuse Avi of doing?
What year was Snatch released?
What was the carat weight of the stolen diamond?
Who was the Producer of Snatch?
What causes Bullet Tooth Tony to crash his car?

Snatch - Two Disc Set [DVD] [2000]

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The Sopranos Quiz – Do you have the knowledge?


For all you Sopranos fans out there, we give you the chance to test your knowledge of, arguably the best TV series of all time!

What is the name of the actor who plays Tony Soprano?
The Sopranos’ pilot was shot in 1997, but it wasn’t aired until?
After the Pilot was filmed, a dialect coach was brought in to help create Tony’s voice?
Most of the cast already knew one another?
What is the name of the actor who was referred to as Tony Sopranos' nephew Christopher Moltisanti?
How many seasons of The Sopranos’ were made? 
When actress Jamie Lynn-Sigler heard about the role of  Meadow Soprano she thought she was auditioning for a musical?
Name the title of the theme song?   
In which US state is The Sopranos based?
What is the name of Tony Sopranos’ psychiatrist?
How many episodes were made? 
On which TV network was The Sopranos released?  
What was the name of the man who created The Sopranos?  
In what year did the series end? 
The series shares a total of 27 actors from which gangster film?
Name the actor who played Tony’s cousin Tony Blundetto? 
What is the name of Tony’s mother? 
Who runs the family’s strip club? 
Tony Soprano gets shot by Uncle Junior? 
Tony’s son A J dies after committing suicide?

The Sopranos - The Complete Series [DVD] [2007]

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Pulp Fiction Quiz 

1994 was a good year. Oasis released Definitely Maybe, Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting was published and, terrifyingly, Tom Daley was born.

And, of course, Pulp Fiction was released to an unsuspecting world, soon becoming simultaneously a huge hit and a cult classic. Featuring a lot of swearing, a lot of violence, and a whole lot of popcultural and cinematic references, it also relaunched John Travolta’s career and turned Samuel L. Jackson into a worldwide star.

How much do you know about Tarantino’s classic?  Take the quiz and find out.