Noel Gallagher goes behind the scenes on video for new single ‘Lock All The Doors’


Noel Gallagher has gone behind the scenes of his 2015 world tour on the official video for new single ‘Lock All The Doors‘.

The promo captures Gallagher onstage, backstage, meeting fans and visiting US chat shows during his stint on the road promoting second solo album ‘Chasing Yesterday‘, bringing a track whose origins go back to the earliest Oasis days bang up-to-date. Its b-side will be the brand new track ‘Here’s a Candle (For Your Birthday Cake)‘, and is to be released on coloured 7″ on August 28th.

“Indeed, with the best will in the world parts of ‘Chasing Yesterday’ beg for the past to be rediscovered – be it in the ‘Masterplan’ chimes of the sublime ‘Girl With The X-Ray Eyes’, or the familiar ‘Wonderwall’ strumming of ‘Riverman’, subtle and prudent in delivery to the extent that a roof-raising guitar solo arriving less than halfway in nevertheless knocks right on time,” our review reads.

“‘Lock All The Doors’, meanwhile, naturally recalls the hurricane gusts of ‘Headshrinker’, ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Bring It On Down’ given that it was borne of the same storm.”