No Retreat No Surrender, 1986. Final fight scene – Blast from the Past

All you ‘Die Hard’  Jean-Claude Van Damme fans, here is the final fight scene in the shockingly, ‘so bad it’s good’ movie ‘No Retreat, No Surrender from way back in 1986.  Van Damme plays a Russian called Ivan Kraschinsky who is a member of an organized crime syndicate looking to take over all the dojos in the US.  After breaking the leg of a dojo owner who refused to surrender to the gang, he ends up with the vengeful son after him etc etc etc.  Totally silly but worth watching (at least the final fight scene) if only for the action and the wooden acting performances.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor is Finally On


Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor, the fight we all thought we would probably never see is finally on!  The official date is set for the 26th August 2017 and it will be in the boxing ring and not the Octagon.  Although Mayweather is going almost certainly going to be the odds on  favourite, you have to give Mcgregor a fighting chance.  As we all know, when he hits guys the same size as him he tends to knock them out!  Mayweather, the ring master that he is will be expected to outbox Mcgregor but as he ever faced anyone as unorthodox as Mcgregor?  Probably not!  That and the fact that Mayweather always seems to struggle with Southpaws, will give Mcgregor a good chance of an upset.  Plus if he loses he will have the rumoured £78 million to commiserate with.

The Vipp Prefab Industrial Shelter

Described as everything from a “battery charging station for humans” to a “liveable industrial object,” the Vipp Shelter is a pre-fabricated getaway you can put just about anywhere. Designed and built by the same company responsible for one of the most famous garbage cans of all time, the Vipp Shelter uses a simple steel grid and stilt-like supports to elevate the container-style house above whatever piece of land you want it situated on. Downstairs, you’ll find floor to ceiling sliding windows designed to open up your kitchen, dining and living areas to the great outdoors that surround your fancy new abode. Take a quick trip up the ladder by the daybed area to spend a night in the large bed in the loft sleeping under the stars with the perfect view you’ll have through the glass above. The entire Vipp Shelter has an industrial, almost Russian submarine vibe. It’s a perfect couples getaway if you can stomach the cost.  A snip at only $585,000