Chuck Palahniuk Broke The First Rule Of Fight Club And Started Talking About ‘Fight Club 2’

Before it became David Fincher’s wildly popular movie that soon reached cult-status, Fight Club was a book.

Palahniuk has written books since but now he is ready to pick up the Fight Club story once more, but in a different form, comics. He mentioned why now was the right time for a sequel.

Three factors. First, I’d delivered most of my latest book, a story collection called Make Something Up, so, for the first time in decades, I had the free time to learn a new storytelling form. Second, a friend, the best-selling thriller writer Chelsea Cain invited me to a dinner which also included Matt Fraction and Brian Michael Bendis, and my fellow guests insisted a sequel was a good idea, and that comics were fun, and they offered to hold my hand as I learned the ropes. Third, I had no idea in 1995, when I wrote the original novel, that I’d be asked about it for the rest of my life. Since that was the case, I figured I’d better expand the 185-page story into the past and future and turn it into the kind of mythology that H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King are known forHe told Uproxx

 While many will be confused as to why he’s going down the comic book route Palahniuk is sure it’s the right avenue to take.

The book and the film each had such a following that any sequel in the same form would suffer from direct comparison. Thus, a third medium would give the new story its best chance of achieving its own authority.He said.

I just wanted to be a student, again, and to learn a new skill from accomplished, younger people. The dumbest person in the room learns the most, and I’ve enjoyed being the idiot who’s learned from experts.

The experts he’s talking about are artists Cameron Stewart (interiors), David Mack (covers), and publisher Dark Horse Comics.

This is not the first mention of Fight Club 2. The forthcoming comic will be the third entry in the series and will return to the origins of Tyler Durden’s Project Mayhem house from the novel and of course the movie.

Oh, his (Sebastian, the protagonist from the comic) return goes hunky-dory… not. Project Mayhem is a younger man’s path to fulfillment. This is more of a little trip down Memory Lane, and a way to hint at what the organization has become, without stooping to too much expository dialogue. Sebastian will suffer, but don’t look for him to make progress. And what’s to say his entire experience in the Mayhem house isn’t scripted by Tyler?

Credit: Dark Horse Comics
The author also has plans for the future…

There’s a big push to make Invisible Monsters into a graphic novel, but I’d rather focus on a new script, a FC3. Another best-case scenario would be that the James Franco film of my book, Rant, is released, and I can write a sequel for it as a comic.Palahniuk explained.

So no, there will not be a Fight Club 2 movie but really, truthfully do we want to have to deal with the disappointment of a bad sequel?


Doesn’t he read his own books?

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Muhammad Ali Gets Battered To The Ground In An Unlicensed Fight

The world of unlicensed boxing is a unpredictable and dangerous place (even for the greatest boxer of all time). 


Rumour has it that the name of the kid in the video is Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao – he’s competing in a fight you may have heard off – you know… the one against Floyd Mayweather (just kidding of course).


In all seriousness Muhammad Ali was a great man. There is nothing else to be said about it.


Tyson to fight world champion Klitschko in shock February comebacK

Insider reports say that Tyson could net a near $5 million payday, win or lose in the comeback title shot next month at the ripe old age of 48


Actor, Author, ex-con, cartoon star, and former heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson is getting a comeback title shot next month at the ripe old age of 48.

Current champ Wladimir Kitschko is putting his three title belts on the line to fight the aging Tyson in what will be sure to be a major pay-for-view event for fans, as well as a big payday for both fighters.

“I mean who the hell is Wladimir Kits…Kitsco…kitty cats, anyway?” asked Mike Tyson to a room of reporters trying desperately to stifle their laughs.

”I had to Google it, ’cause I had no idea who this chump champ was. Boxing needs me, ain’t nobody have to Google Mike Tyson. I’ve got the most recognizable face in sports, maybe the world, and that was even before the face tattoo. I still got it. Shit, I’m not even training for this one. Just watch. I’ll knock his ass down in one punch.”

Insider reports say that the fight could net Tyson a near $5 million payday, win or lose.

“Yeah, you know, I don’t even wanna fight that bad. It’s not that I can’t, I just don’t care. But I do care about that money, baby,” said Tyson. “I need to make it now, and not piss it all away like last time. That cartoon show money isn’t going to come rolling in forever.” 

”My man Iron Mike is back, and the world of boxing has suffered in his absence,” said legendary boxing promoter Don King.

“No one cares about boxing anymore, all you hear about is the mixed martial arts. It’s sad when two men hugging each other on a mat is more popular than boxing. That’s why me and Mike have come out of retirement,” Don King continued.

“Don’t listen to Mike when he says it’s for the money – heck, after my 70% off the top he won’t have much left anyway.

“This fight, it’s about pride in the sport. Pride in America. It’s about showing age is just a number and you’re never to old to achieve your dreams. And yeah, okay, it’s about the money too.”