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What was the name of the Writer and Director of Snatch?
Name the actor who played Turkish?
Who did Brad Pitt play in the film? 
What did Turkish want a Caravan for?   
What line of work is Turkish in?
Which character was played by Mike Reid?
Who played the character ‘Bullet Tooth Tony?
What song is playing on the radio when Bullet Tooth Tony questions Mullet about the robbery of the Bookies?
What does Tommy have in his pocket when Turkish quizzes him about it?
What round does Brick Top tell Mickey he must go down in?
What does Cousin Avi come over to England for?
What Favour does Franky 'Four Fingers' ask Boris to do for him?
How does Mickey's mother die?
What was the name of Avi's bodyguard?
Who plays the character Bricktop?
What does Bullet Tooth Tony accuse Avi of doing?
What year was Snatch released?
What was the carat weight of the stolen diamond?
Who was the Producer of Snatch?
What causes Bullet Tooth Tony to crash his car?

Snatch - Two Disc Set [DVD] [2000]

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