Summer Six-Pack Program

Here’s the formula for getting ripped: Come up with a workout plan and never let your body find out what it is.

When you’re talking about cars or job applicants, efficiency is a good thing. When you’re talking about working out so you can see your abs, it’s a bad one. The problem is, the more efficient your body becomes performing any exercise, the fewer calories it burns doing it. So with this program, our goal is to make your body more inefficient (like a trip to the DMV, only a lot more fun) so that it burns more calories and stimulates muscle. While it’s not the most “efficient” training, it is the fastest route to abs. Go figure.

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How it works: The best way to throw the body off and fight efficiency is to keep changing up your workouts to prevent adaptation. You’ll need to train three days a week for four weeks with the following routines: a high-rep workout to build your work capacity and burn loads of calories; a barbell- based strength day to maximally stimulate muscle; and a blend of strongman and circuit training to challenge muscles you haven’t worked before along with your heart. This three-pronged attack will confuse your metabolism and trick your body into burning more fat (accompanied by a sound diet), and you should see results within a month. It’s inefficiency at its most effective.

Directions: Perform each workout once per week, resting a day between sessions. Exercises marked “A” and “B” are alternated—perform one set of A, rest as needed, then B, and rest again. Repeat until all sets are done for the pair. The remaining exercises are done as straight sets. On Day III, perform the exercises as a big circuit. Do one set of each exercise without rest in between. Then rest as needed and repeat the circuit until 30 minutes have elapsed. During Days I and III, strive to complete the whole session in less time each week or lift more total weight. On Day II, choose a weight for each exercise with which you can perform six to seven reps.

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8 Facts About ‘The Sopranos’ That You Might Not Know







Originally conceiving The Sopranos as a movie, creator/showrunner David Chase had re-written it as a television series, only to have the pilot rejected by all the major networks before being picked up by HBO. While the premium channel already had a long history with original programming, The Sopranos quickly became the reason people would shell out the extra cash to add HBO to their cable package.

Here are some of the more hidden, obscure, or otherwise interesting facts about TV’s game-changing show about everyone’s favorite depressed mobster. Bone up, and then give the show another whirl on HBO Now because it really does hold up.

After the pilot was filmed, a dialect coach was brought in to help create Tony’s voice.

Tony Soprano

The Sopranos’ pilot was shot in 1997, then shelved for nearly two years, not airing until January 10, 1999. While there are notable differences in the show’s overall tone between the pilot and the second episode, the absence of Tony Soprano’s accent is very conspicuous. Once the series was picked up by HBO, Gandolfini worked with dialect coach Doug Honorof to help create his signature voice.

Most of the cast already knew one another.



The cast of The Sopranos had worked with one another on several projects prior to the series premiere in 1999. Most notably, 27 cast members had roles in Goodfellas back in 1990. They would also appear alongside one-another in Mickey Blue Eyes, Made, Innocent Blood,and Gotti, as well as non-mob movies as diverse as Two Family House, The Basketball Diaries, On the Run, and the Eddie Murphy vehicle The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Alum ofThe Sopranos still perform in projects together, and HBO even got two iconic characters back together to help promote their new stand-alone streaming service, HBO Now.

Tony’s daughter thought she was auditioning for a musical.


Actress Jamie Lynn-Sigler heard about the role of Meadow Soprano from her manager, who assumed it was for a musical based on the title. When she auditioned for the role, Sigler even brought sheet music with her to the audition, as she is an actual soprano. Even after reading the script, she still thought the show was a musical, “a weird musical, but a musical nonetheless.” To avoid further confusion, which was shared by the network, changes were made to the show’s logo to make it more clear.

There are well-placed nods to The Godfather.

tony soprano

References to The Godfather have been a factor in The Sopranos since the first episode, as the movie is widely regarded as a favorite among Tony and his crew (Silvio’s Michael Corleone impersonation is a particular highlight). So, after a season-long confrontation between Tony and his Uncle Junior comes to a head, an attempt is made on Tony’s life in the episode “Isabella.” In his hands at the time? A racing form and a bottle of orange juice, which was a direct nod to The Godfather‘s well-known symbol for death.

Michael Imperioli’s spec script helped land him a writing job.

Michael Imperioli, who played hothead Christopher Moltisanti, out of pure fandom had written a spec script about his character overdosing on drugs, causing an experience with the afterlife. David Chase gave the script consideration after seeing Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam, which Imperioli had co-written, as well as appeared in. His idea was re-written for Season 2’s “From Where to Eternity,” where Christopher has his experience in the afterlife in the hospital after being shot. Imperioli would go on to write five more episodes for the show during its run.

There was an unintended homage to Fargo.


Probably the show’s most widely discussed episode (outside of the finale), Steve Buscemi directs the almost stand-alone story of Paulie and Christopher, hopelessly lost in the woods of south Jersey after a simple errand goes disastrously wrong. The episodes snow-covered wilderness drew immediate comparisons to the Coen brothers’ Fargo, which Buscemi himself starred in. However, he revealed on the director’s commentary track that while they had chosen that specific location for the episode’s setting, the snow was not planned. They also expected the filming to go easy, when in reality it took 12 days to shoot.

Paulie’s taste in art gives a clue to how the season will end.


In “The Strong, Silent Type,” Paulie recovers a painting that Tony had ordered burned, instead taking it to hang proudly in his own house. After the portrait of Tony makes him uncomfortable, Paulie takes it in for a touch-up, asking the artist to paint over his suit with a uniform “like Napoleon.”

While coming off as one of Paulie’s bizarre quirks, those familiar with Chase’s method of storytelling note the fact that Napoleon’s invasion of Russia is what eventually cost him his empire, and forced him to live in exile. The war drums that played out during the end credits indicated a coming conflict with a once closely allied New York family. However, it was Tony’s brief involvement with a recurring Russian character that would be the catalyst to Season 4’s finale. The moment also played out hilariously the following year.

A series-long extra’s identity is finally revealed.


Throughout the show’s run, the closing credits would regularly list “3 to 5, 7 to 9,” without any real indication of who that was. It wasn’t until the episode “Heidi and Kennedy,” in which two important characters’ funerals take place on the same day, when someone casually observes the character and addresses her by name, which we learn is based on her frequent attendance of wakes and funerals. While an obscure reference, it was a satisfying reward for viewers who’d paid way too much attention over the years


Some of the obscure references, homages, and Easter Eggs that the show managed to work in over the years.

Source: 8 Facts About ‘The Sopranos’ That You Might Not Know


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Jokes for the Lads

  • When your past comes knocking, change the locks. It has nothing new to tell you
  • Whatever you do, always give 100%. Unless you are donating blood.
  • Make criminals pay, study to become a lawyer.
  • Light travels faster than sound. That is why some people appear quite bright – until you hear them talk.
  • Little Johnny complains to mom at home, “Mom, our teacher really doesn’t know anything. He keeps asking us!”