CP Company Padded Jacket

CP Company Padded Jacket In Blueprint Blue, Full front two way black zip opening with a woven CP Company zipper and a stand up collar with a black elasticated trim. Black elasticated cuffs on the long sleeves and two zip fastening pockets on the waist with a slanted zip pocket on the left of the chest. A zip entry pocket is also on the left sleeve which features the signature CP Company black plastic goggle. A blue lining with one interior pocket and the signature woven CP Company logo patch in white and black.

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What Should I Get My Boyfriend For Christmas?


” What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas? ” is a question that hopefully, every woman(or man) in a relationship with a man is asking themselves about now.  It’s good that they are thinking about this but what we want them to do now is choose something that we are going to like.  So what we have to do now is give them some ideas.


This is where we, at ‘ Clothes for the Lads’ can help…

Designer Clothing

You can’t really go wrong with a bit of designer clothing (well you probably can, which is why you need us).  If he has mentioned he needs a particular item, such as a jacket or pair of trainers then that’s a bonus.  You just need to find the right jacket or pair of trainers!  Most of you probably have a rough idea of the sort of clothing your partner likes but just knowing he has a pair of adidas trainers doesn’t necessarily mean you can just go and grab any pair of adidas trainers and he’ll be happy.  Of course, not every man has exactly the same taste.  What we do is use our knowledge and contacts to select only the great stuff to make your job a lot easier.

You can simply scroll down and browse all clothing on our ‘ Clothes for the Lads’ Homepage or select a particular category i.e jackets, trainers etc.

If you need a second opinion on something, maybe from one of his mates for example then why not just copy the URL of the item you want in the search bar (see image below) and send it to them in an email or message on Facebook to give them direct access to view it.

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