Harley-Davidson Innsbruck Custom Street 750

With little more than $4,000, 50 man-hours and a lot of ingenuity, a team at Harley-Davidson Innsbruck just won the Austrian Battle of Kings 2015 award. Beginning with the highly accessible HD Street 750, the cockpit was cleaned up by the addition of a Free Spirits triple tree mounted to lowered shocks as well as relocated speedo. Furthering the café racer aesthetic are larger wheels (19-inch up front, 17-inch out back) and Free Spirits clip-on bars. A custom saddle with red contrast stitching finishes the look. Too bad it ain’t for sale.

Victory Empulse TT Electric Motorcycle 

Who says that battery-powered has to be… umm… not fast? Certainly not Victory. In fact, they’ve just introduced their first electric bike that combines zero emissions with a max speed over 100 mph. How does that happen, you ask? Combine a 54 hp battery with adjustable suspension and lightweight components. And this is no ordinary battery, as a full charge is possible in only 3.9 hours making it the fastest charging battery available. Range is further enhanced by regenerative braking, which sends unused power back to the batter… or at least that’s what we think. Best of all, it’s made right here in the United States.

Source: Victory Empulse TT Electric Motorcycle | Cool Material

Harley Davidson Limo-Bike – a kind Harley Davidson limousine..

Harley Davidson Limo-Bike!When it comes to extreme builds, it might not get any more out there than this one of a kind Harley Davidson limousine motorcycle.From head to toe, this thing is a show stopper. At the front, it features a Harley tank and handlebars, but the rest appears to be a 100

Source: Harley Davidson Limo-Bike! | TruckViewTV