Top 5 Electric Skateboards for Lads


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Electric skateboards have become the ultimate way to combine both fun and functionality in a single package. Adding a motor to a normal skateboard and providing a way to charge it to make it run automatically is one of the best ideas that the manufacturers have come up with. This has led to the widespread usage of these skateboards for covering distances with a lot of ease. Navigating it has become way easier and it has become a reason to look forward to commuting. With a large number of skateboards being present in the market, power, design, functionality, speed and cost are just some of the parameters by which they are categorized and bought by a Skateboarder. Let’s look into the top five electric boards which are bound to satisfy every requirement of the customer who is confused to choose one among them.


1. Marbel 2.0

This is one of the most versatile boards out in the market. With a maximum speed which reaches 26 kilometers per hour and one battery charge running up to 18 miles continuously, this board has quite impressive specifications. Moreover, it charges up completely in 90 minutes and also has the feature of regenerative breaking in which the energy produced during braking is later stored to power the board. Even though it is one of the lightest and weighs only 4.6 kilograms, it can support a maximum weight of up to 113 kilograms. Further, the lights on it are used to provide visibility in the dark and support commuting in the night too. With a price range from $ 1300 to $ 1600, this is an option which is for speed junkies who love the thrill of it.


2. Inboard M1

The M1 has got one of the sleekest designs and is for the more experienced skaters. Having a weight of just 6.5 kilograms, it can reach a maximum speed of 24 kilometers per hour while covering 10 miles for every time it is completely charged. It takes 90 minutes to completely charge itself and further utilizes a twin hub motor for its functioning. Another attractive feature is that it can utilize interchangeable batteries which allow us to switch between the batteries quickly and continue on our ride without any halting for charging purposes. Further, its Bluetooth connectivity and the remote features, which allow us to turn the board on and off remotely are additional advantages in it. For all these features, this skateboard is available for about $ 1400.

3. Yuneec E-Go

This skateboard with its 400 watt engine is easily one of the lightest skateboard with its 400 watt engine is easily one of the lightest electric boards and is perfect for amateurs. It has a maximum speed of 12.5 miles per hour and is available in three colors which are royal wave, hot pink and deep mint. It hast to be charged for about 4 hours and then can be used for 18 miles continuously.  Further it is weatherproof and uses really light batteries as compared to rest of the skateboards out there. It also has the feature of regenerative breaking and a great app to set the controls, making it a good option from a list of best hoverboards. It is really cheap and is available at around $ 700 which makes it great for skaters looking for an economic buy without giving up on all the great features.


4. Action Blink Lite

This is the cheapest skateboard and also the lightest, as it can be easily carried around in a backpack, by weighing just 7.7 pounds. It is mostly used for covering small distances as its range is just 5 miles while having a top speed of 10 miles per hour. The maximum weight it can handle is 180 lbs. and it may be used as a regular skateboard once the battery dies out. The app is the main attraction as it can record miles and even be used to challenge other skaters. It costs just $ 300, which is the primary reason it is bought mainly by people wanting to use it occasionally as an alternate method of transport.


5. Zboard 2 Blue

This skateboard is another high-end model with the unique feature being that remote controls are not used. The controlling of the skateboard is done by shifting one’s weight onto the various footpads on the front and rear of the skateboard.  It has a powerful 1000 watts motor, and a range of 16 miles per charge. As it is slightly on the heavier end, it is provided with handles to drag and carry around the board when not using it. The ease of its usage makes it a hit amongst skaters who do not want to deal with a separate remote controller. The board is available in the price range of $ 1300 to $ 1500.


With a plethora of options to choose from, it does become a slightly daunting task to find your unique skateboard. Just focus on the details that you care most about to makes sure that you get the best deal out of it.

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What Happens To Old Bank Notes After They’re No Longer Legal Tender? 

It seems that we’re in a period where a lot of changes are being made to our money.

First, fivers were replaced with new polymer ones, which at the time seemed like a bit of ball ache, but now it’s just normal. Soon tenners and 20s will follow, as one pound coins have also changed.

It’s not as big of a deal as it was all made out to be, but it’ll still prompt your granddad to say: “Plastic notes? Eh, not in my day.”

But what happens with the old notes? Does someone get them all? Are they used as props? Are they kept by businesses?

They get destroyed. The methods in doing so have changed over the years, with the Bank of England’s website stating that at first they were incinerated with the energy generated used to help heat the building. However, in the 90s, when equipment changed, they were incinerated for energy recovery.

Nowadays it’s a lot different; they’re recycled using a composting treatment, then and used as a soil improver for agriculture, meaning that you may have eaten a carrot or potato worth five or ten pounds.

Earlier in the month, the old five pound note was completely replaced by the introduction of the brand-new plastic ones four months ago.It’s a scary thought there are around 165 million old £5 notes currently in circulation, all of which are now useless.

The new plastic ten pound notes will be released into circulation later this year in September, with the ones in your wallet now eventually being withdrawn.

Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor confirmed in 2013 that the note will feature Jane Austen, as well as a quote from Pride and Prejudice.

Samples of the new polymer £10 note. Credit: PA

While, as we know, this largely means nothing, it does mean people will try flogging their old tenners.

Last time, with the fivers, it got out of hand. Even a hand-drawn £5 note managed to accrue bids of over £10,000 before being taken down from eBay.

Adam Purcell, 24, from Bournemouth, Dorset, decided to take the piss by putting the note up for sale after seeing the ridiculous prices some notes had been selling for online.

He described it as a ‘rare misprint on white paper and graphite ink’, adding that it would ‘surpass all monetary value’ and that it could even be eligible for ‘display in the National Gallery’.

Adam said: “I was surprised it got as high as it did before it was taken down. I’ve seen a lot of articles about people flogging five pound notes for a ridiculous amount of money, so I thought I’d have a laugh with it using my incredible, artistic talents.

“I wasn’t sure it would get any bids at all.”

He also said the listing received a number of messages, many from people telling him they found it amusing.

Cue this happening again.